I've started playing around with the Apple app GarageBand, and I'm amazed at how intuitive and how powerful the app is. Well, not that surprised, since Apple specializes in creating tools that do just this. And, like any good application, GarageBand gives me enough resources with my limited knowledge of music to allow me to play, but is also robust enough that as I grow in knowledge, it can grow with me. And, because of that, it encourages me to learn more. Which is always a good thing.

I've decided to put out a single song I've created in GarageBand every Sunday on Facebook. I'm calling it Single Song Sundays. It's not because I believe I'm creating this incredible music. I do believe that showing what I, a person with limited knowledge in music, can create with the right tools might encourage you to step out and experiment with art.

Although today is my first office post for #SingleSongSunday, I have posted two pieces on Facebook. Check them out below: